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George County Teen Recovering From Football Related Stroke

Huge signs, get well balloons, and loved ones fill 14-year-old Alexander Wilner's hospital room at USA Medical Center in Mobile.

The George County native is known for his wacky humor, strong spirit, and his love of football. It was on the football field where his life changed last week.

"After the prayer at the end of practice, they were going to the field house and he collapsed. And that is when the ambulance was called," stepfather Michael Stewart says.

"They ran some tests and they realized it was stroke," mother Sheri Stewart says.

"It stemmed from his playing football, He had an injury to his Carotid Artery, which is the main artery that feeds the right side of his brain," surgeon Dr. Richard Gonzales said.

Seeing her son in such a helpless condition has Sheri Stewart in tears.

"He has no use of his left side right now. He's going to have to get it back. I just having to be strong for him, you know."

Being strong is not easy for stepfather Michael Stewart. He says it is hard to believe such a vibrant boy with big dreams will have to learn how to walk again. 

"He said he wanted to go to the pros, and make plenty money, and be a big man, a big star. But he may never be the same," Michael Stewart says.

The next step for Alexander is costly rehabilitation therapy. 

"He is covered by his father's insurance, but that is not going to cover a lot," Sheri Stewart says.

"Help would be beautiful because there are so many things we will not be able to do. And I do not want to put anything on the back burner," Michael Stewart says.

Alexander's parents are positive he will make a full recovery. His doctors say Alexander will walk again.

If you want to help the family financially there is an account set up in Alexander Wilner's name at any Merchants and Marine Bank in South Mississippi.

By Patrice Clark

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