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The Guard Unveils A High Tech Tool To Stop Looters

In the early days after Hurricane Katrina, there was a major problem with looters here on the Coast, especially at night. Now, local law enforcement and the Mississippi National Guard have taken steps to make sure that does not happen again.

The Guard will fly down several high tech helicopters. Each is worth about $13 million and is full of high tech equipment.

The helicopter can actually pick up body heat from a human being from miles away - in ideal conditions, as many as eight miles. That means the copter and its crew can be watching a looter in the dark, and that person will never know it.

According to Major Walter Jordan, the pilot has a night vision system, which also intensifies light, so the pilot can see through light or through heat.

The Guard did not have these copters before Katrina, but now they do. So, the bottom line is, looters beware.

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