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Ocean Springs' New Parks And Leisure Services Director Talks About Future Projects

Every day is still a learning experience for Sean Campbell.  

"Yeah, it's the third day," says the citys new Director of Parks and Leisure Services. " I'm still trying to soak everything up and learn as much as I can about where we're at, where we're going, where we've been."

This day included a walk around Clay Boyd Park with Ocean Springs Alderman-at-Large Julia Weaver.  

"We've been out here 20 or 30 minutes and we haven't seen any cars," says Weaver.

"Not a soul," says Campbell.

But Campbell says there is a master plan designed to make the city's parks and playgrounds hard to stay away from.  

"A lot of the facilities are back to pre-Katrina functioning levels," says Campbell. "We're looking at expanding and improving what we already have, while a lot of other departments are still in the rebuilding process and trying to recover what they lost."

That plan includes the long awaited development of a Sportsplex on 124 acres of Highway 57 property.  

"At our next board meeting we will adopt, I believe, the master plan, and be able to go to the Corp, get our permits," says Weaver. "Now people giggle when we say we're getting the permit and we'll just have to prove it."

Campbell says the Sportsplex development, with its baseball, soccer fields and tennis courts, will allow them to look at other alterations and improvements to their existing facilities.    

"We're looking at trying to do a lot of consolidation of facilities. Our long term plans right now is to have mostly field sports out at the 57 project."

But none of that will be done, Campbell says, without community wide input and support. Those are two things this new man on the job says he needs, to do the right thing for Ocean Springs. 

"I'm learning every day," says Campbell. "Ask me in a month and I'll tell you everything."

Campbell replaces former director Greg Eleuterius and interim director Geri Straight.

by Don Culpepper

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