Veterans Talk About the Battles Today's Soldiers Face

It could be that the September 11th attacks have made coast residents more patriotic. Attendance was up 20 percent at this year's Nation Veterans Day Parade in Gulfport. Some veterans say it's nice to see people waving their American flags in support of the military. They say the public is treating the soldiers on the battle lines now better than many of those who went off to war in the past.

Some vets say while public support is important, people need to keep their distance. They say the media and a well meaning public may do more harm than good by wanting too much information.

"In World War II they [the public] responded real good at home to my knowledge," said veteran George Higginbothan."They were number one. Now they want to know too much military wise,"

Because terrorists have attacked on American soil, vets say the current generation of soldiers are facing a different kind of war than they did.

"They serve everyday so you don't have to worry about it," said Johnny Richards, a Vietnam veteran. "By having this thing come home to us. I think it's a tragedy that it happened, but I think it woke America up."

By Danielle Thomas