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Long Beach Aldermen Adopt Concept Of Master Plan

In the words of Mayor Billy Skellie Tuesday night, Long Beach "has a long stroll to go." But the city took an important step towards recovery Tuesday night when the Board of Aldermen adopted the concept of a Master Plan for the city.

Besides traffic and a few boaters, the beachfront area of Long Beach looks pretty barren. But the Long Beach Steering Committee sees an opportunity. Their master plan calls for expanding the harbor area and creating a sprawling park facing the waterfront.

Dhiru Thadani is the Master Plan Architect for the Long Beach Steering Committee.

"It's at the parking lot of the K-Mart," Thadani said of the proposed park. "So instead of having a big parking lot, you could have a large park that's open to all the citizens and it actually fronts the marina."

The master plan also limits areas where high rise developments can be built.

"We can argue about how high they should be, five or eight stories, but nothing higher than eight stories, and limit them between Jeff Davis and Cleveland," Thadani said.

Also, under the master plan, Jeff Davis Avenue would be spruced up as an easily definable main street.

Thadani presented 10 keys of the plan Tuesday night, but says the it all boils down to maintaining the character of the Friendly City.

The master plan was derived from 10 months of public meetings and includes input from hundreds of Long Beach residents. The plan will next be reviewed by the city's planning commission.

By Toni Miles

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