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New Modular Homes Going Up In Pascagoula

It's been a busy work week for Hurricane Home employees as they strive to complete the first two modular homes built in Pascagoula.

"This house on Market Street is the first. Today, they are placing one in the Chipley Area on Kings Avenue. That will be second home placed. It will be on piers," Marketing Manager Tim Lee says.

The modular units are built inside a warehouse. Once completed, Lee says the homes are "move-in-ready" in less than a month.

"When we get up to full speed, we can build a home in five to ten days."

With the housing shortage, Lee says people should consider this alternative method of building.

"What we are trying to do is build a home better, cheaper and faster than a conventional stick built home."

Because of those reasons, the Treadway Family decided to invest their money into a modular unit for their mother Barbara. She lost her home of 35 years to Katrina.

"They are so quick, and the price is comparable to a stick built home, and quality is just as good," Jim Treadway says.

"It is the newest thing. Contractors are taking forever, and we knew if we wanted Mom in a new house as soon as possible, it would have to be modular," Patrica Carrier says.

When the Treadway's home is finished, all they have to do is move in their furniture. Each of the homes comes with all major appliances. And in case of another storm, the company says these structures can withstand hurricane force winds up to a category 5 storm.

"I believe it is structured for 150 mile per hour wind, which is above recommendation, and now we are five feet into the air, so hopefully we won't ever have to do this again," says Carrier.

Hurricane Homes is also planing to build a model home at their Industrial Avenue facility that will be available for public viewing.

by Patrice Clark

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