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Lawsuits Filed Over Port Storm Debris

Thirty-five lawsuits have been filed against the State Port at Gulfport and various shipping companies, for damages caused by allegedly unsecured containers and other equipment during Hurricane Katrina.

Many residents are questioning why the containers were not secured.

"All the previous hurricanes I saw, they were escorting all the trucks out of the port. And for some reason, this time, they stacked them up in there. Why that change or why that happened like this, I have no idea if they have a different protocal as far as how they are going to secure those things. That just seemed like the wrong thing to do, especially as the category 3 or 4 that the storm came in as," Gulfport resident Raymond Brooks said.

In the first four cases, defense attorneys filed motions, asking to move the cases to federal court, instead of Harrison County Circuit Court.

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