Long Beach May Change Law Enforcement Like D'Iberville

If you're looking for law enforcement officers in D'Iberville, you won't find local police. Instead, Harrison County Sheriff's Deputies keep law and order. D'Iberville Mayor Rusty Quave says it works perfectly in their community.

"The sheriff's department and the economical benefits that we receive from having the sheriff as our police protection is a win/win situation for everybody," Mayor Quave said. "It helps us out on our budget. We get to put more money in other parts of the city such as streets and drainage, and don't forget the money saved on the high costs of specialty needs. The sheriff's department handles that too.

Two of the councilmen who voted for the change say they made a wise choice, because it saves taxpayers money.

"We felt in the beginning that it was a savings to the city, and I still feel that way," council member Linda Davis said.

"That was in a local agreement with the sheriff's department, and we figure we have been saving between six hundred and seven hundred thousand dollars a year by using the sheriff's department," councilman at large Oliver Diaz said.

Local residents say they feel safe, despite the lack of a local police department of their own.

"I think it's pretty safe," D'Iberville resident Jennifer Parham said. "I don't think that there's too much of a difference."

By Rebecca Powers

Online Producer Glenn Cummins