World War II Vets Receive High School Diplomas

It's a march that one group of World War II Veterans has waited a long time to take. They couldn't be more proud to receive their high school diplomas.

"Well, it feels good. I didn't think I'd ever live to see this day," World War II vet James White said.

"I'm excited. I know he would have been just as happy as I am right now," Naomi Patrick, the widow of a World War II vet, said.

It was an emotional day for Patrick. She accepted a diploma for her late husband, Troy. She says education was important to him. In 1962, he earned his GED while serving in Germany.

"He made the second highest score that was ever made in Germany, and I was real proud of that. He took all five tests in one afternoon. He was a brilliant man," she said.

The appreciation from today's students was sincere. Many said they the ceremony was moving... and made them realize the importance of both education and patriotism.

"They didn't get the chance because they were representing our country, and so now, I think I'm going to walk across the field with some pride this year and really appreciate the chance that I've been given," high school senior Lauren Welford said.

"I see those people, and I realize what they sacrificed and what they gave up for us, and it reminded me of my grandfather," senior Diana Ables said. "He fought in the war. I cried."

The veterans receiving their degrees shared those emotions, finally completing a goal interrupted nearly 60 years ago.

By Myya Durden

Online Producer Glenn Cummins