Pass Christians Stundents Learn That "Character Counts"

Some Pass Christian Elementary School Students now have a new place to do a little shopping, and learn some valuable life lessons at the same time.

Hancock Bank executive Leo Seal cut the ribbon on what's being called "Ye Ole General Store." The store is part of a character building program the school adopted called Character Counts.

Students who demonstrate good citizenship, and show respect, fairness and responsibility toward others are given tickets that can be spent at the store.

"If a teacher is walking down the hall and the see someone helping another student or maybe a student picks up paper off the floor, or the other day we had a locker just standing wide open, and I saw a student walk over there and just close the locker gently, then the teacher would give that child a ticket," teacher Mary Edelen said.

"I was making a poster and it wasn't coming out that good and I asked someone to help me and it turned out wonderful, so they'll learn that pitching in is better because we all pitched in and the store I think is great," fourth grader Audie Perniciano said.

The Character Counts program is funded in part by grants from the Leo Seal teacher recognition award, the Allen Barton Excellence in Teaching award and by Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.