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Old Menu, New Ownership At Annex Restaurant

A long-standing Jackson County restaurant was damaged in Katrina. But now two former employees are showing that with some hard work and passion for food, they really know how to take orders. 

"It's an everyday occurrence for a group of us here. That come and discuss the world's situation right before we play golf," long time customer Shelby Drummond.   

Shelby Drummond and his friends have made breakfast at the Annex in Pascagoula their morning ritual for more than 20 years.   

"The food's good, the coffee's good, and the company's good, so I enjoy coming here," Drummond said.     

The restaurant has gone through a few ownership changes in the year since Katrina. Today, new co-owners Barbra Hudson and Chris Rasmusson wear many hats around the diner.   

"I wait tables, I clean tables, I do book work, I do payroll, I have been known to cook back there, and we socialize. It's really a fun job," Hudson said.     

The restaurant has plenty of favorites on the menu, but it's the regular customers who help make it such a popular gathering spot.    

"It's like three or four generations. Their kids are brought up and all, and they keep coming back, and when they do, they bring their babies. So there we go with another generation," Hudson said.   

And that's just fine with these first time business owners.

The Annex held three feet of water when Katrina pushed through Pascagoula. But that's a distant memory to this breakfast crowd.   

"Sometimes you have some parking problems here because so many people are in the restaurant, so we have to park across the street. Business is good when you say you can't find parking place at the Annex," Drummond said.   

So they'll keep bussing tables and taking orders to keep this Pascagoula landmark alive.  

"It's a Pascagoula tradition, it always will be. It's a hometown restaurant and we gave it back to the hometown."            

The Annex is located on the corner of Highway 90 and Pascagoula Street. It's open Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   

By Keli Rabon

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