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Shrimp Harvest Looking Good

Since Katrina, life has been a struggle for most South Mississippi shrimpers. High fuel costs and storm damage have forced many shrimpers to put their boats up for sale and leave the industry some of these families have worked in for generations.

But if the crowd and harvest at the Biloxi Smallcraft Harbor Sunday morning are any indication, things are looking up for those who can still trawl the waters of the Sound.

"From what I see, everybody's catching shrimp," says shrimp buyer Wayne Curran. "There's plenty of shrimp available. Just this time of year, the shrimp are real big. It's a good harvest."

On Sunday shrimp prices averaged about $4 a pound.

Curran says he buys shrimp from these docks at least twice a month. The Pughs drive all the way from Florida to buy shrimp from fishermen at the Biloxi Smallcraft Harbor.

"The shrimp are always fresh, and everytime we come over, we stop and get us about 10 pounds. We come over about once a month, so every time we come, we have to save a little money from the casinos, to buy our shrimp with. We surely enjoy them," says David Pugh.

Shrimpers we talked to say despite the apparently good harvest, storm debris in the Sound is hindering their work-- at times  ripping their nets to pieces. But leaders from the Department of Marine Resources say several debris removal projects are underway that should help the shrimpers.

By Toni Miles

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