Mississippi Will Get Money From Firestone Tire Settlement

Mississippi will share part of a $51.5 million settlement with tire manufacturer, Bridgestone-Firestone.

The company recalled 6.5 million tires last year after reports of blowouts and tread separation causing deadly accidents.

On Thursday, Attorney General Mike Moore held up a tire that used to be on a family's Ford Explorer. The mother died after the tire separated and the vehicle flipped. Moore says some of the settlement money will pay for a tire-safety education campaign.

"Primarily, $500,000 we'll get for the state of Mississippi. Every state gets an initial amount of $500,000. Then there will be $10 million that's put into a fund for restitution for consumers that may not have gotten their tires replaced so far or may have had a problem getting their tires replaced," Moore said.

All 50 states are sharing in the Bridgestone/Firestone settlement, which includes money for the edcuation campaign, and $10 million to reimburse customers who were improperly denied replacement tires.

You can contact the attorney general's office at (601) 359-3680 for more information about the settlement, or log on to the following web sites for more information: