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Pascagoula Post Office Still Trailer Bound

More than a year after Katrina, three South Mississippi post offices are still operating out of temporary trailers in downtown Biloxi, Pass Christian and Pascagoula. As Keli Rabon found out, people in Pascagoula will be visiting the post office trailer for the foreseeable future.

"I was trying to find the post office. I found one building, but it was locked tight. So I went to this area over here. I was driving down the street and I couldn't find it," Dennis Thompson.      

Dennis Thompson is working in Pascagoula, and on Friday, found it took some work just to mail a letter.   

"I saw some mailboxes and I pulled into the parking lot and asked you, 'Is this the post office?'"      

Thompson and hundreds of others are pulling up to the trailer-turned-post office everyday to check their boxes, buy stamps, and mail packages. Businesses around Pascagoula are coming back strong, so what's the holdup for the US Postal Service?   

"Right now the service is in the process of working out its options with the owner of the lease here," USPS Regional Manager Mike Bertucci said.        

From the outside, collection bins are the only sign of a traditional post office. Residents say the return of the facility will be another step towards normalcy.              

"I'm less likely to do it now and just kind of wait for our carrier to come in and pick it up. I think everyone just wants the post office back," Pascagoula resident Jennifer Caston said.    

But that might be a while. Bertucci says the post office was renting each of its four facilities, and as of today, isn't clear to move into the old Jackson Avenue office.   

"Hopefully in the near future we'll have something resolved on that end," Bertucci said.   

Until then, patrons like Thompson say they will just have to wait.   

"It's been a slow process. Some things you have no control over. Of course, I wanted it back up and running the very next day. But you know, let's be real, it's not going to happen. Guess I just got to wait for it," Thompson said.                   

Bertucci could not give WLOX a definite answer or time period on when, or if, the Pascagoula Post Office will ever be back in its old building.   

By Keli Rabon

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