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Pass Marianne Condominiums Rising At Henderson Point

A new condominium project at Henderson Point is taking shape just north of Highway 90.

The Pass Marianne condos have a definite "coast connection." The developers are local residents, partners in one of the area's largest and most successful real estate companies.

"And they're local people that we're using for the construction part of it. As well as local people that are buying into it. And we're just real excited about that," said developer Carlene Alfonso.

Biloxi architect Frank Genzer designed the project, making certain all 48 condominiums have a view of the water.

Walter Ketchings says his project sits on a wonderful piece of waterfront property.

"Oh, it's a wonderful site and a wonderful view. You can't beat the view. Plus, it's in Pass Christian and it's quiet," he said.

"You can see Bay St. Louis and Cat Island. My gosh! What more can you ask for?" added Alfonso.

Unlike the many condo projects that have popped up since the hurricane, the development was in the works before Katrina. A display unit was already built and construction was about to begin, when the hurricane hit.

Along with the million dollar views, an atrium rises through the complex, adding a distinct touch to the five story project.

But the liberal use of concrete and steel might be an even bigger post-Katrina selling point for potential buyers.

"Anybody that comes down here, it's built with concrete and steel. And it's safe. If they come see it, they buy it," said Ketchings.

The builders say the project is another forward step in coast recovery and represents confidence in the future of this area.

"I think we are certainly going to have a different coast, but a wonderful coast. And I think again we need more local people doing projects and taking that chance that we know they would be solid on the coast," said Alfonso.

The condominium project is about 80 feet outside the city limits of Pass Christian.

Only about nine of the 48 units remain to be sold. The condos cost between $600,000 and $900,000.

By Steve Phillips

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