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Ferry Service Getting Mixed Review

"Come on Deuce," said Nancy Garziano, as she called her playful dog.

Garziano loves living at Henderson Point. Her home is just off Third Street. Down the street is the proposed landing site for a ferry service that will transport cars and people back and forth from Henderson Point to Bay St. Louis.

"I don't think it's a good idea to put the ferry in now. It's going to bring a lot of traffic on that section of Highway 90 over there and it's not in good shape. They need to fix that first," she said. "It's been over a year. Everybody's getting where they need to go."

On the Hancock County side, the ferry will dock at the foot of Washington Street, not far from St. Stanislaus. Charles Gray is building his new home nearby. He doesn't look forward to more traffic, but does support the project.

"The ferry service across over there is desperately needed. You have to drive 30 miles up and over the interstate to get straight across the bay. So, it's something we badly need," said Gray.

Cutting down on travel time is the main benefit seen by those who support the service.

"It will be really a good idea because people don't really want to go around the interstate these days. It takes a lot of time, a lot of gas. So, I think it will be real helpful for the people around here, the community," said Bay St. Louis resident Derrick Williams.

Some residents question the timing of the ferry service project. They say it might have made more sense shortly after the storm, but why now, more than a year later? Especially since part of the new Bay Bridge should be ready by May.

"I don't understand why spend that kind of money on something that's supposed to be temporary," said Garziano.

The Federal Highway Administration will pay for the cost of the ferry service.

M-DOT maintenance crews will help build the landing ramps required by the ferry on both sides of the bay. The ferry service will be free to those who use it. Again, it's supposed to be up and running by November first.

By Steve Phillips

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