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Two Candidates Vie For At-Large Seat In Pass Christian

The residents of Pass Christian will elect a new member of the board of alderman next Tuesday. That person will fill the "at large" seat of Chipper McDermott, who is now the city's mayor.

The two men who want the job are Michael Antoine and Phillip Wittman. Both bring impressive credentials to the table. Antoine is a former alderman and Wittman is an attorney who has spent most of his life here.

Just like the recent mayor's race, these political opponents actually like and respect one another. Something else that might surprise you, there is a lot they agree on.

"The number one priority is getting people back to Pass Christian," Wittmann told WLOX News.

When asked what is the top priority, Antoine said the same thing.

"We have to get people to come back here, that is vitally important," Antoine said.

Consider this number and you know why that is so important. Before Katrina, Pass Christian had about 6,500 residents, now that number is down to about 3,000.

These kinds of forums typically draw only a handful of people, but on Monday night that was not the case. An estimated 75 people were there.

They were folks like Richard and Joanne Denzler. They moved here right before the hurricane. The Denzler's say Katrina will not chase them away. Richard says he wants to know what his elected representatives have in mind, for the place they call home.

"I want to hear their opinions, how they are going to put this place back on the map," Denzler said.

The election is Tuesday, September 17th. Since it is an at large seat, all registered voters can go to the polls.

By Jeff Lawson

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