New Life For A Popular Golf Course

John Boothby and Steve Wilson don't have much time to brush up on their swing before the December 1st reopening of their new golf course.

"We have both taken away from our businesses to come play golf and now we're just gonna make golf our business," Boothby said.

That means taking a once popular course that sat idle for more than a year and creating a pristine showplace with a waterfront view that can't be beat. Wilson said, "I want good greens out here. If I'm going to play out here as much as I plan on playing out here, I want to play on a well-conditioned golf course."

" It's not work to either of us. We enjoy being here. We don't want to leave at night and we can't wait to get back in the morning. They let the course go really bad. We had six feet tall grass on all 150 acres and we brought it down to where it's a half inch tall everywhere," Boothby said.

One thing the two say they will do different than the previous owners is cater to the locals. Boothby said, "We know the locals pay our bills year round and that's what we're lookin' forward to doin', just take care of our locals."

"What we wanna do is get a big member base and and have a bunch of fun tournaments and have a good time out here," Wilson said.  Wilson and Boothby say they have fond memories of their days as players on the course, and now they want to create the same for their future customers.

The course reopens December 1st.  For membership information, call 396-8555.