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Michigan Architecture Students To Design Plan For Saucier

Some Michigan college students want to help Saucier develop a plan of smart growth for their community. Monday night, dozens of Sauicer residents turned out for a meeting held by students from the School of Architecture at Andrews University.

Like many areas north of I-10 since Katrina, Saucier has seen a population and business boom.

Sarajane Smith is a lifelong resident of Saucier. She was at Monday night's meeting because she wants to be involved in what direction Saucier's development will take.

"I would like our rural character to stay," Smith said. "I know Saucier is going to be changing and growing in the next few years, but I would like keep our rural character."

This is the general consensus the Michigan students have drawn from prior studies in Saucier and at Monday night's meeting.

"The growth is inevitable, and we just want it to be the right kind of growth. We don't want to destroy the place. We want to preserve the natural landscape they already have," Lee said.

The Michigan students will take input from Monday night's meeting and other meetings throughout the week and will come up with a master plan.

"Once we get the plans finished, it's really up to the local government and authorities and community to go ahead with it. It's just a hypothetical plan, but we're going to make it feasible to build, and intelligent enough that people will want it to be built that way," Lee said.

The next meeting will be held Friday at the Saucier Community Center at 6 p.m. for a public review of preliminary design proposals. Meetings will follow on Sunday and Tuesday.

By Toni Miles

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