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A New Line Of Defense Takes Shape At Northrop Grumman

"Our resolve as Americans to defeat terrorism in all its forms is unchanged, that existed before 9/11 and continues to exist post 9/1," Coast Guard Admiral Gary Blore said Monday.

It was a proud day for U.S Coast Guard Admiral Gary Blore as he, military personal, and Northrop Grumman employees celebrated the start of a next generation ship, the National Security Cutter Waesche.

"Our nation has changed, our armed forces have changed, your Coast Guard has changed and the national security cutter has changed."

The Waesche will stretch more than 400 feet, with a large flight deck, enhanced communication and a rotary wing for manned and unmanned aircraft.

Philip Teel, president of Northrop Grumman's Ship Systems sector, says the company was contracted to build eight cutters for the US Coast Guard before 9/11. After that day, they made a number of safety upgrades to better protect the country. 

"And we and our industry partner Lockheed Martin are dedicated to getting the Coast Guard the best means to support for the traditional mission and the new broad homeland security mission," Teel said.

Another defense against the War on Terrorism, the Bertholf, will be launched to sea in two months. 

"These two cutters and the six that follow will be the most capable vessels in the country in the Coast Guard's history," 

With Monday's keel laying ceremony, this ship's mission will be etched in stone forever. 

The Waesche is named in honor of Admiral Russell Waesche who served in the Coast Guard and helped provide security for the U.S. ports during World War II.

By Patrice Clark 

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