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Habitat For Humanity Dedicates Its First Home In Ocean Springs Post Katrina.

"Habitat had a thing on TV and we went and applied, and we were very excited when we got selected I did not think we had a chance,"says new Homeowner Laura Emmerich.

 It was all smiles for the Emmerich family as the dream of owning their own home finally came true.

 "We lived with my mom in Moss Point and with kids, my daughter, it was just overcrowded," says Emmerich.

Now thanks to Habitat for Humanity, that's no longer a problem for Laura Emmerich.

 In fact, there's so much room that Emmerich's six year old daughter Trinity and her sister were able to get in a little excercise.

Although the house is still empty, the family has already made plans to make it feel more like home.

 "This is my room, and I think I want kitties and plus kitties toys because my favorite animal is kitties," says Grandaughter Trinity Emmerich.

"Just everything is ours, our own bedrooms our own kitchen," says Laura Emmerich.

 Because of the lack of affordable housing in the Jackson County, Chapter President Latan Griffin says Habitat for Humanity is working overtime to build more homes in the area.

"Katrina destroyed more than 20 thousand homes in Jackson County alone, and there is a desperate need for affordable housing. Last year we built one house, this year we are building seven homes," says Habitat Chapter President Latan Griffin.

Griffin says while Habitat can't completly solve the housing crunch, he says they are working to put a dent in the problem.

A problem that no longer plagues the Emmerich family.

 " We have waited a long time for it, I am just really happy," says Laura Emmerich.

By Patrice Clark

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