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FEMA Approves Nearly $300,000 For Waveland Mitigation Planning

The city of Waveland will continue its pre-disaster planning thanks to an Expanded Mitigation Strategies Planning Grant of $299,372 from FEMA. 

Waveland will identify risks and vulnerabilities in their current disaster plans and hold public meetings on how current strategies apply to post-Katrina conditions, redevelopment and projected population.

"This grant supports the commitment of communities along the Gulf Coast to plan better and rebuild their communities stronger in an effort to minimize their losses in the event of a future disaster," said Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Interim Director Mike Womack.

MEMA is responsible for administering the grant to Waveland.

The city also will consider ways to protect its newly annexed areas north to Interstate 10. The new strategy could expedite MEMA and FEMA funding for rebuilding projects.

FEMA will provide 61 percent of the total cost of $484,800 to revise Waveland's existing disaster plans. The city will provide the remaining funds, mainly in labor and other services.

Waveland was hit with 130 mph winds and a 35-foot storm surge from Katrina that destroyed 90 percent of the buildings in the coastal community.

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