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Stranger's Generosity Means New Home For Hancock Family

Standing near a freshly planted live oak tree, Bishop Thomas Rodi prayed, "We ask you to bless this tree and all who will look upon it. May it be a living memorial to Mrs. Smitherman, a living sign of gratitude to her family for making this trailer possible. "

With that blessing, Bishop handed Robin Pascual and her daughter Dante a new life. 

"Here are the keys to your, as you said, your million dollar home. May God Bless you."

Robin didn't know Sarah Smitherman,  whose trailer she and Dante inherited. But she says Mrs. Smitherman is with them. 

"The minute I walked in I felt like it was just meant for us to have the trailer and Miss Sarah was right there with me the whole time. Even today you can feel her right here and she's gonna be with us the lifetime of this trailer."

Right now the Pascual's live in a nearby trailer that the storm badly damaged. 

"It's damaged so much that we couldn't afford to fix it and FEMA wouldn't help us because it was a 1965."

So Robin is grateful to move. 

"There's no words to describe it. Like I told the movers and the Bishop it's like we got a million dollar home."

Robin's daughter, Dante,  thinks so too. "It's cool."

Mom and daughter will move into their cool home in a couple of weeks when the utilities are hooked up. 

by Marcia Hill

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