Multi-Media Campaign Urges Normalcy

When terrorists struck New York and Washington on September 11, America's security was threatened as never before. The new "Go Ahead America" campaign stresses that keeping our country strong is an act of defiance against an attack that was meant to change our way of life. "And some are responding to this threat by withdrawing into their shells, staying home instead of going out to the ball game, dining in instead of enjoying that regular Friday night out at the restaurant, putting off an essential purchase for the household," says GodwinGroup owner Reed Guice.

The media blitz encourages people not to give in to the emotions of helplessness, fear and indecision. "That's why we're here today. The South Mississippi Media Partners are mounting a multi-media campaign that's designed to give local residents permission to go ahead and do the things they were going to do before the attacks on America," says Guice.

Over the next few months, billboards, radio and television ads will cheer on the coast. "We all just felt like it was a great opportunity for us to do something positive for the community and also showcase our mediums and our talents and we're very excited about it and we hope it has a positive impact." says Lamar Advertising's Leslie Dane. WLOX Station Manager Dave Vincent says, "We're saying ya know it's okay to resume your daily activities because if you don't then we're giving in to terrorists, so whether it's shopping or playing football or going to a movie we all want to get back to our normal lives." That means living our lives to the fullest and letting terrorists know they haven't won.