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Mayor's Drug Test Comes Back Negative

A followup on the accident involving Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran. Drug and alcohol tests done after the mayor backed her city car into a man crossing the street, came back negative.

The accident happend Friday morning in front of City Hall. Since Mayor Moran was driving a city owned car, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department investigated the incident.

The victim, 86-year-old Leighton Elliott remains in Ocean Springs Hospital in fair condition.

Mayor Moran released a statement on Tuesday saying, "I feel terrible about the incident and was very shaken. Anytime there is an accident of this nature, it is traumatic for everyone concerned.  I have spoken with Mr. Elliott's family daily, and they are in my prayers. He was in good spirits when I spoke with him, but understandably still sore. I understand there are no broken bones or fractures, and that Mr. Elliott may be released soon."

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