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Free Child Care Center Needs More Room To Grow

These days, the 25 youngsters in the Pass Christian child care center are waking up a brighter, cleaner, and safer facility. Last month, the children and staff finally moved from uncomfortable tents into trailers at War Memorial Park.

"It feels fantastic," said Glen Ellyn Walden, director of the child care center. "No more portable potties and we have running water. We are grateful."

The free day care program, funded by the organization Save the Children, is a Godsend for busy moms like Jamie Deschamp.

"They don't have any other day cares anymore," said Jamie Deschamp. "They don't have anything like that, and it's hard. It's extremely hard because I work two days a week and I go to school three days a week and it helps me out tremendously."

Various organizations donated $18,000 to buy the two trailers to house the daycare facility, and donors and volunteers helped refurbish them. But there's still a long of list of children waiting to get into the program. That's why Save The Children wants to buy a third trailer, and needs to raise an additional $7,000.

"We need this third trailer," said Alderman Lou Rizzardi. "That will get us back to 45 children."

Rizzardi is appealing to the public for help.

"You wouldn't believe some of the emotions that we run across from people who are just begging to come in here, because they have no where to put their child," said Rizzardi. "We hope there are some donors out there who still would like to help us out."

The extra space will allow more children to enroll, so their parents can devote their time and money towards getting back on their feet. The child care program is only for children who live in Pass Christian, and their parents must be working. Save the Children plans to build a permanent facility on Clark Street sometime next year.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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