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Families Enjoy Labor Day Fishing

"Pretty quick... you threw your rod out and got a bite in less than five seconds," nine-year-old Tiffany Newton said.             

For dedicated fishers like the Newton Family, one trip on Labor Day to the marina in Ocean Springs wasn't enough.

"We caught some this morning, but come back to try to get us some more," Vancleave resident Bennie Newton said.     

The hot sun and good fish reeled in families from all over Mississippi and Alabama. But even a lucky fisherman like Joe Morgan won't tell you his secrets. 

"Everybody caught em. Hurricane is over, fishing is great. We're not gonna tell you where we caught em though," fisherman Joe Morgan, visiting from Alabama, said.   

Busy fishing is a sure sign of recovery here at the Ocean Springs Marine Mart. Owner Kenny DiNero says this shrimp is an everyday reminder that there's always room for rebuilding after the storm.   

"We came back because people were tired of looking at devastation, people wanted to do other things other than cleaning their yard up or whine and cry. There's a lot of people who like to fish," DeNiro said.   

And on this Labor Day, trucks and boat trailers were plentiful, which is great news to DiNero.  

"We're selling lots of bait, ice beer, bait, bait, gas, beer everything. Swamped," DiNero said.   

So as long as the sun hasn't set on the Marine Mart, the Newton Family still has some work to do, because on this Labor Day, their job doesn't end at 5 o'clock.   

"That's where a lot of people mess up, They figure just because it's getting close to dark that the fish stop biting. That's not the case. You can catch them all day long," Newton said.   

DiNero says this is probably the last big fishing day of the summer, but this winter, he plans to rebuild and expand his marina mart.

by Keli Rabon

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