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Labor Day Just Another Day Of Labor In Pearlington

A water line and a few other minor items are the only thing that stands in the way of Dujuan Bosarge opening up her new beauty shop in Pearlington.

"It's been over a year now since I've been out of work. I'm just trying to get everything finished up," Bosarge said.

If finishing up means working on a holiday, Bosarge says, so be it.

"We feel like every day has been a laborious day since Hurricane Katrina hit. Every day, even weekends, is a labor day for us."

A few streets over, Charles Russ spent his Labor Day Holiday laboring over what will become a platform for his heat and air unit. He knows every wasted day means another day in his FEMA trailer.

"It's to my advantage to have this ready when the air conditioning man comes. The unit is in the front door. He just has to bring it around here and sit it on. If I don't, he'll have to stop and hold him up a day."

Jason Laxson is a volunteer from Huntsville, Alabama. He and several others from the Madison County Baptist Association spent their holiday helping the Ladner Family make progress on their new home.

"As a Christian, it's part of our duty to help others that have need. And there's such great need down here, we know that there's a lot of work to be done. This was just an extra day that we could spend traveling and get down here and do a little bit more work."

George Ladner is the Pearlington resident benefiting from the helping hands.

"They have to be a special person to do what they have done, and we do appreciate it," Ladner said.

Ladner hopes both he and the volunteers who came to help him, can relax next year.

by Al Showers

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