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South Mississippians Enjoy Labor Day

Labor Day is our country's way saying "Thank You" to all Americans who get up and go to work. Perhaps no one is more deserving of a little rest and relaxation than South Mississippians who poured their hearts and souls into rebuilding the coast after hurricane Katrina.

The delight in his nieces' laughter helped Jerry Creel get his mind off the stresses of the job. As Biloxi's community development director, most of his days are spent not at the beach, but dealing with post-Katrina planning, zoning, and debris clean up.

"Working with the city, we've gone through a lot in the past year," said Creel. "Just to have a weekend where everything in quiet and peaceful and no phones ringing is really nice."

Althea Haney soaked up the Labor Day sun while thinking how good it felt to be back in the labor force. She recently went back to work the Beau Rivage.

"I'm happy to be back to work and seeing everything is cleaned partially and enjoying my Labor day," said Haney. 

Boaters headed to Jones Park hoping for a day of sailing with family and friends. For some people, the holiday was an opportunity to rekindle their love of the water.

Kim Ransom said "This is actually our first time back on the water since the storm come through. Last year when Labor Day come around, I was at the Isle of Capri. We were handing out our pay roll to our team members right after the storm, so I didn't get to celebrate Labor Day at all. So we were real excited about this."

After more than a year of extremely hard work, people say it meant a lot to have a day when their only responsibility was to enjoy themselves.

Taylor Delk's family was headed to Ship Island.

"We're just going to go out there and swim and get some sun," she said. 

by Danielle Thomas 

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