Soup Kitchens Feel Donation Pinch

The pantry at Biloxi's Loaves and Fishes is almost full of donated food. Food Coordinator Rita Baldwin says donations to the New York terrorist victims haven't made much of a difference. But she says people haven't started pitching in yet for holiday meals. With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, Baldwin wonders if there will be enough of the traditional turkey and fixings. Soup Kitchen Coordinator Rita Baldwin says, "I'm kinda worried about turkeys, kinda wantin' to get some turkeys. I hope I don't have to purchase them because they're kinda expensive that way, I'm hopin' something's gonna happen and usually it does."

In Gulfport, Feed My Sheep manager Joe Steinwinder says he's noticed a slight decrease in donations since September. Still, he says the need keeps growing. "We have approximately 500 plates a day that we feed and this of course includes the 110 that we send out to the shut-ins and the disabled," says Steinwinder.  The volunteers have been planning the Thanksgiving menu for weeks and Steinwinder expects to have a full house. "Last year we had over 950 people that we served and this year we think approximately 1,150 to 1,200. Because of the slow down and so many people are outta work and so many are now on minimum wage and this is probably, some weeks this is the only hot meal that they get." Steinwinder and Baldwin says that's reason enough for people to be generous and help feed the hungry.

Feed My Sheep is also accepting blankets and winter clothes for adults and children.