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Pedestrian Hospitalized After Being Hit By Mayor's Vehicle

An elderly Ocean Springs man was hospitalized Friday after being hit by a car driven by Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran. The accident happened just before 11am Friday on Porter Avenue, directly in front of City Hall.

The pedestrian Moran struck, 86-year-old Leighton Elliott, was knocked to the ground when the mayor's car backed into him.

The mayor did not return to work after the accident, but Alderman-at-Large Julia Weaver spoke to her Friday afternoon.

"Well, I understand that the mayor was driving in front of City Hall, and then changed directions and began to back up slowly. And at that point, she hit the pedestrian, Mr. Elliot," Alderman at Large Julia Weaver said.

Police Chief Kerry Belk said the mayor was not physically hurt during the accident.

"I would basically say she was shook up about the whole thing, very concerned about Mr. Elliot's condition," Belk said.

WLOX News was told Elliot had some cuts and bruises, but he did not hit his head when the car knocked him to the ground.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department is investigating the accident. Since Mayor Moran was driving a city vehicle, it was standard procedure for her blood to be tested for alcohol or drugs. Those results will be available next week.

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