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Moss Point Sets Final Debris Removal Deadlines

Now is the time to get any remaining Hurricane Katrina debris to the right-of-way (roadside) for removal.  Storm Reconstruction Services, Inc., contracted through the City of Moss Point, will be coming down each city street until September 18, 2006.

"It's imperative that our citizens move their hurricane debris to the right-of-way as soon as possible," said Mayor Xavier Bishop.  "After the deadline the city will no longer be eligible for 90 percent debris removal reimbursement through FEMA."

The contractor has divided the city into four zones. One debris crew will work continuously in each zone collecting hurricane debris. The zones include:

Zone 1 - South of the Escatawpa River and west of Highway 613
Zone 2 - South of the Escatawpa River and between Highways 63 and 613
Zone 3 - South of the Escatawpa River and East of Highway 63
Zone 4 - Within the city limits, north of the Escatawpa River            

The debris removal deadline for Zone 4 will be September 11, 2006.  The deadline for Zones 1, 2 and 3 is set for September 18.  Please have your debris at the right-of-way before the removal deadline in your zone.             

"Debris needs to be placed on the public road connecting to your property. Make sure the debris is within 10 feet of the road to insure the claw trucks can reach everything. Be aware of power lines, fire hydrants, and other types of utility meters when stacking debris. And please, go over this with out-of-town volunteer groups who might be helping you," Bishop said.  

Please call Public Works at 228.475.1151 to report additional hurricane debris or for more information.

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