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Taylor Says Ferry Service Should Begin November 1st

Congressman Gene Taylor announced Wednesday that federal and state agencies have agreed to begin an auto ferry service on November first.

The ferry would carry vehicles from Henderson Point in Harrison County to Washington Street in Bay St. Louis. That's until two lanes of the Bay bridge are rebuilt, which is expected by May of next year.

The ferry idea has been talked about since Hurricane Katrina destroyed the bridge. The federal government has committed $25 million in emergency funding to the ferry project, but MDOT estimates the cost to be closer to $5 million to get a ferry up and running.

A spokesman for Taylor's office says the Congressman got most of the state and federal agencies involved to sign off on the plan Tuesday.

"We had a meeting yesterday with all the agencies. We have verbal commitments from DMR, to the federal highway administration," said Chris Largarde, a spokesman for Congressman Taylor.

Largarde said the only sticking point is a NOAA permit because of the Gulf Sturgeon that live in the area.

Congressman Taylor says the Seabees have agreed to build the ferry launch and road at the Henderson Point location. The Washington Street side already has a barge docking area, and MDOT would have to contract someone with an auto ferry to run the operation.  

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