Community Shocked At Overnight Murders

As authorities removed the three bodies from the crime scene Big Ridge Road, neighbors gathered on their front lawns to watch in disbelief.

"Just devastating," Robert Husman said. "There's nothing more that could be said; it's devastating."

"I really don't know how to feel, except it's just flabbergasted you to see something like this in your neighborhood," Myrt Husman said.

One neighbor had a hard time holding back tears.

"It's very sad," Amanda Wetzel said. "I live across the street from these folks, even though I really didn't know them."

Neighbors say they don't know much about the family because they just moved to this St. Martin neighborhood several months ago.

"They came to one of my yard sales, and I talked to them just a little bit there," Myrt Husman said. "They were just real quiet and real nice and seemed like they were just a normal family."

Neighbors say the family took pride in fixing up this once vacant house.

"They really cleaned up that house," Robert Husman said. "That house had been abandoned for several years before they moved in and did a lot of remodeling on it."

Neighbors say the crime that rocked this quiet street... has shattered their sense of security.

"This is a very, I feel, an upscale neighborhood, we have very nice homes here, and everyone tries to do what's right, and I couldn't believe this," Amanda Wetzel said.

Online Producer Glenn Cummins