Authorities Release Names Of Murder Victims

Authorities have now released the names of the mother and her two daughters killed early Friday morning in the St. Martin community.

Police say the family's father discovered the bodies his wife, Minh Hieu Thi Huynh, 45, and his two daughters, Thuy Hang Huynh Nguyen, 15, and Thanh Truc Huynh Nguyen, 11, around 1:30 Friday morning at 15200 Big Ridge Road.

Officers from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department and the FBI are investigating the crime, but they still have not released the cause of death or a motive.

The county coroner began removing the bodies of the three victims just before noon. Investigators hope the results of autopsies should will reveal the exact cause and time of death and lead them closer to a motive. Right now, there is no evidence of a break in or any other crime.

"We are following up some lead information we have and are trying to track down some people to interview so we can develop a suspect we can follow up on," investigator Ray Bates said.

The sheriff's department called in several other law enforcement agencies, including the FBI for a translator and insight into this type of murder.

"This is kind of what we would classify as a home invasion type crime, which is not uncommon in the Vietnamese community. The FBI has certain tools that we don't have in our arsenal so anytime we can get their assistance we like to have it."

If you have any information concerning this crime, the Jackson County Sheriff's Department asks that you call them at (228) 769-3063 or (228) 875-6963.

By Ken Flanagan

Online Producer Glenn Cummins