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St. Marks Episcopal Church Holds Groundbreaking

Mississippi Bishop Duncan Gray is a special guest on a special day for St. Marks Episcopal Church. A packed house in this tiny and temporary house of worship is greeted with sweet treats.  

"Well, its a great moment and a great symbol," says Bishop Gray.

On this, the 160th Anniversary long time member John Harrel portrays a character from the St. Marks founding.  

"I'm William Houston Teagarten," says Harrel. "Dr. Teagarten, one of the founders of Mississippi City, that gave the land to St. Marks for their first church."

Both help lead the congregation on a symbolic pilgrimage toward a new day in the churches history.  

"You've been through quiet a crucifixion," Bishop Gray tells the crowd. "We're beginning to taste something of resurrection."

A still empty beachfront slab represents the crucifixion. This shady spot on the corner of Cowan and Taylor Road represents the resurrection.  

"When I just think of the prospects of the future and the joys that we are going to have as time goes along, along with the losses of past memories, it is an emotional time," says Rev. James Bo Roberts, Rector of St Marks.  

The complex will include a sanctuary, office building, Sunday school, and parish hall, all bigger and better than before and for a good reason.  

"We're anticipating when there is another disaster we want to be able to feed some of the volunteers that come down and to house some of them in those buildings," says Rev. Roberts. 

He anticipates it will take about year before they're out of their current and crowded temporary church.  

"It was crowded," says 90-year-old Nan Ritzer. "It was crowded but it was nice."

And even their oldest living member is looking forward to that new day.  

"It's a wonderful day in every way, that I've lived to see it," says Ritzer. 

by Don Culpepper

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