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High School Gridiron Tradition Makes A Comeback

The battle was on Friday night as the Pascagoula Panthers took on their rivals, the Gautier Gators.

And of course, different people came out for different reasons.

"My three kids, we love football. The two boys like playing football, so here we are,"  says Hollie Hardison.

"To watch Gautier whip Pascagoula," says James Phillips.

"I'm rooting for PHS man!" says Elle Lemcool.

But while their reasons for showing up and their team choices may be different, they all agree on one thing - it's nice to be able to get back out and enjoy a South Mississippi tradition once again.

"People need to get out and relieve themselves because everybody is under so much stress and the children too, you know," says Bessie Reynolds.

"I think its more relaxing for the children to get out and do something else besides getting in trouble," says Monica Newman.

"We've been devastated so much here and it's time for some relief you know after all that misery," says Abdul Hasan.

And hundreds of people filled War Memorial Stadium to do just that, including South Mississippi Senator Trent Lott.

So, high school football is back in action- just one more example of South Mississippi returning to normal after the storm.

By Karla Redditte

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