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Click Here To Read Doug Walker's Thoughts On Meeting With President Bush

Earlier this week, I had a chance to sit down and interview President George Bush one on one at the White House. I've covered many presidents in my nearly 30 year career, but never sat down with a president for a one on one. It was an honor and a thrill.

I was given six minutes to interview the president and the questions dealt strictly with what was happening in Mississippi concerning our Katrina recovery. The president seemed knowledgeable about the situation, and vowed to continue with federal help. But the real fun came after the interview.

Of the four reporters from the Gulf South, I was the only one from Mississippi, and the last to question the president. After our six minutes was up, there was no hurry to leave, so President Bush and I began to chat.

For almost fifteen minutes, Mr. Bush asked me question after question about our recovery. He asked about the coast mayors, mentioning Tommy Longo of Waveland and "All The Way Holloway" by name. (For those who don't know, that was Biloxi Mayor AJ Holloway's nickname when he played football for Ole Miss.)

He also asked about rebuilding efforts, and was very candid about FEMA, and how the agency performed in the wake of the storm.

We shared a few laughs, and then shook hands and said goodbye. I left feeling the president was concerned about the coast and wanted to help us as much as possible.

by Doug Walker

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