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Pass Business Owner Building Something New

As the business owner looks on anxiously, special concrete walls with foam insulation are lowered into place on Second Street. It's the beginning of a business re-birth.

"I'm real excited. It's been a year in the making and I'm thrilled," said a smiling Nanette Carter.

A work crew from Superior Walls of East Tennessee frames the pre-fab panels. Carter was inspired by a charette session.

"You've got to give everything a try you know. Try new things," she said.

New things include the construction process and the contemporary looking building that will be the finished product.

The business will also be different. Instead of running her own aquatic garden business, Carter will rent the lower floor for a restaurant and live in the apartment overhead.

"A lot has changed since the storm, so I might as well do something new and different. I want the town to come back. And I want businesses to come back downtown. I know it's a different look, but it's a different time," she said.

Her future plan is developing several inter-connected buildings that provide retail space below, with living quarters upstairs. Achieving that long term vision begins with the important first step of finishing this building.

Carter is confident others will also see promise and progress in the Pass.

"Hopefully, with my building and other people coming in and building, in a couple or three years the town will be better than before. Really better than before."

By Steve Phillips

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