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Elderly Gautier Man Needs Help Finding Permanent Housing

Almost a year after Katrina, many elderly people in South Mississippi are still struggling to find housing. That includes 82-year-old Wilbur Bolton, who lost everything during the storm.

Bolton, known as Mr. Wilbur, is loved by all who know him. He always has an encouraging word for others. But since Katrina's wind and water destroyed his mobile home in Gautier, Bolton's friends are now having to encourage him.

For months, he's lived in a FEMA trailer that is not handicapped accessible. And that makes it hard for the elderly man to move around.

"I cannot sit in the bathroom to use it. I can," Bolton said. "I thank God I have a roof over my head, but it is miserable to try to stay in this trailer."

Bolton should receive a temporary handicapped accessible trailer in the coming days. But friends are worried that in a few months FEMA might take the trailer once his time expires. And with no insurance or income, Bolton could be left homeless.

"I do want him to be homeless. I worry about him all the time. I think he deserves a decent place to live and be comfortable for the rest of the years he has left," friend Delinda Thomas said.

His friends hope someone will donate a mobile home for the elderly man to live in permanently.

"I think it would be great If it was really accessible for a handicapped man and wide enough for a walker, and had a toilet he can sit on," friend Anne Card said.

"I think that we, as Mississippians and as human beings, should all help each and other and take care of each other. Even a year after Katrina, we still need help with our older people," Thomas said.

"I just appreciate what people do for me," Bolton said.

If you'd like to help Mr. Bolton, call Annie Card at (603) 801-4370.

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