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Gulfport Police Crack Down On Loud Music

Gulfport police are going after drivers who play their music loud enough to rattle windows and disturb others.

"As we go across our city, that is the number one complaint of our citizens," said Chief Alan Weatherford at a news conference Tuesday morning.

That's why Chief Weatherford is launching a new campaign to crack down on loud music and enforce the city's noise ordinance. Public service spots will help spread the word.

"When you're driving along and listening to your music and you're also having to listen to someone else's music who's four cars behind you, that is a problem. It's not only a problem, but it's a safety issue as well," said the police chief.

Police say it's a safety issue and a quality of life concern. One longtime city councilman says loud music has long been a familiar complaint.

"If I'm playing my radio, that's for my enjoyment. Somebody else shouldn't have to deal with what I'm listening to. And some of that stuff they play, you know it's pretty vulgar," said Jimmie Jenkins.

Beginning next week, police will be enforcing the noise ordinance and issuing tickets.

The chief also wants residents to get involved with the enforcement process. Anyone who has problems with loud music is urged to go to the police department's web site,, and fill out a formal complaint.  

"We're not looking for an increase in citations. That's not what this is about. This is about educating these violators that this is against the law," said Chief Weatherford.

Cranking up the volume could be costly. Violators face fines of up to $1,000.

Chief Weatherford says the problem of loud music is city wide. It's mainly complaints about vehicles, although some residents have voiced concerns about neighbors playing music loud enough to disturb the peace.

By Steve Phillips

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