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Crews Back To Widening Caillavet Street

Katrina put the brakes on the construction zone that took over Caillavet Street. But in mid-July it was back to work. 

"The four laning like they're doing. This is great. This is just overdue," says Liz Joachim.

Her vending business sits along Caillavet's south lanes. The street isn't much to look at now,  but Joachim sees beyond the heavy equipment. 

"If we can just get the street finished. If we can get the Beau open, get the IP going like they're going, then people are going to start coming in. C&C will come back, Knight Abbey will come back. Hopefully we'll get some restaurants down here."

On one corner, the last of the storm debris is being hauled off. On another, crews put up poles so new traffic lights can replace the stop signs that now guide traffic through the Caillavet/Division Street intersection. 

The contractor says it will be one pretty road when it's finished.

If Katrina hadn't come along you'd already be driving all four lanes of Caillavet. Still the work is ahead of schedule and the mayor wants it done by the end of the year. The contractor says the mayor will get most of his wish. 

"What you'd call, he would probably say 'substantially complete' and that's when you get the traffic on here. It will be substantially complete," says project manager J.W. Ford.

Ford says after years of planning, he's as anxious as the mayor to see traffic moving again on one of the city's busiest streets. 

"We got six competent, experienced, dedicated contractors on this site... and they're concentrating on getting this thing finished as early as possible."  

Ford says that will be next spring.

by Marcia Hill

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