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Beautification Crews Added To Enhance Gulfport's Landscape

The Gulfport City Council recently approved Mayor Brent Warr's funding request for additional equipment to be used by City Beautification Crews.

Earlier this month, thanks to the support of the Harrison County Sheriff's Department, Gulfport began using non-violent offenders as additional manpower to help clean and landscape the City. With the approximate $250,000 recently allocated for the purchase of equipment and supplies, the City will soon be able to add five more beautification crews, bringing the total to eight.

"Our goal is for each ward to have a designated landscape crew to address specific needs and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of our community," Warr said. "You can tell a lot about a City by the maintenance and attractiveness of its green space, and we want everyone that visits Gulfport to know that we take pride in our community."

Once the City receives the necessary supplies and equipment, as well as the four vans ordered to transport crews, workers will be distributed evenly amongst wards.  Until then, the City will focus initial efforts on improving the condition of the medians along Highway 90.

"We are currently removing the sand deposited in the medians and replacing it with top soil and hydro seed to speed up grass growth.  Hydro seeding is a lot less expensive than sod and it produces grass in about 10 to 14 days," said Kris Riemann, Director of Public Works.

"We started this process at Debuys Road and we will continue all the way to the Long Beach line."

In addition, Riemann said plans are underway to construct a municipal greenhouse near Public Works with the $5,000 recently donated by the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce and funds allocated by the City Council. 

The greenhouse project, as well as beautification crews and all future landscape projects, will be headed up by newly hired landscape manager Ryan Walton, a former horticulturalist with the Beau Rivage.

"With the recent acquisition of an experienced landscape manager, additional beautification crews, and the creation of a long talked about and much needed municipal greenhouse, I feel we are taking great strides to enhance the landscape of our City," Warr said.

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