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Lynchburg, Virginia Donates Police Cruisers To Gulfport

A convoy of police cruisers rolled down the quiet downtown streets of Gulfport this weekend. But these Sunday drivers aren't cops. Instead they're the family of Kimball Payne, the city manager of Lynchburg, Virginia. 

They've just completed a 15 hour road trip to deliver four surplus city vehicles to Gulfport.

"We have a council member who's actually our vice mayor Burt Dotson and he's got friends here," says Payne. "And he kind of made the connection and set it up for us."    

Getting the cars to Gulfport became Payne's responsibility and a family affair.  

"My daughter is going to college on Wednesday," says Payne. "And I asked her if she wanted to go on a road trip and she said sure."  

Gulfport Chief Administrative Officer David Nichols was on hand to take possession of the cars.

"We lost a lot of vehicles to the storm," says Nichols. "And it's just hard to get them all replaced, with insurance and FEMA issues."

He says it would cost the city more than $100,000 to buy four new vehicles like this.  

"Hopefully we can get a few years use out of them and help save us some money."

And he says it's communities and individuals like this that's helped get Gulfport this far down the road to recovery.  

"Without them we would not be very far in our recovery."

And that's something the Payne family couldn't help but notice on the last leg of their long road trip.  

"You have to admire the city of Gulfport for pulling together and recovering," says Payne. "I'm glad we can do this. I hope it's helpful and It's nice to make new friends and yeah, it feels good."  

by Don Culpepper

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