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Don Culpepper Reports On Illinois Towns Help In Pass Christian

The Pass Christian Rotary Club began the initiative.  

"Housing is the greatest unmet need," says Rotary Club President Trey Campbell. "And we're doing everything we can to see that need is met."

Mennonite Disaster Service joined the effort as soon as the hurricanes fury has subsided.  

"We provide volunteer labor," says Jerry Klassen of Mennonite Disaster Service. "But really don't have a lot of resources for materials and the money that's needed to put together a home for someone."

And the town of Naperville Illinois have taken on the role of financier.  

"Our Philosophy is to go out and get money," says  Bill Brestal, Co-Chaiman of Naperville Responds.

They've done just that, and now town officials and volunteers with Naperville Responds have made their first trip to their adopted sister city to see for themselves what their 250 thousand dollars has bought.  

"We've come together to share a blessed time with 3 families in this community," Jerry Klassen tells the crowd. 

Three financially strapped families received keys to 3 new homes of their own. Roseta Daniels says it will be the first real beds she and her family have slept in since the storm.  

"Without this, I don't think it would have been possible for a long time," says Daniels. "Thanks everybody."

Brenda Payne read from a prepared statement, fearing her emotions would get the better of her.   

"I will never forget the way all of you pulled together to help my family and others in our community," says Payne. 

"And Wayne Ford says a heartfelt thank you is all his family has left to give.  

"It's not enough to thank them but that's all I've got right now," says Ford. 

But a thank you is enough for their neighbors from Naperville.  

by Don Culpepper

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