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New Warden Appointed At Harrison County Jail

Dr. Donald Cabana is on the job as the new warden of the Harrison County Adult Detention Center.  

"I've been on it since bright and early this morning," says Cabana.

It's a job he knows well.  

"I'd like to think that 30 plus years of experience in the corrections field will provide me with the opportunity to bring some things to the job that will start bringing about some changes in public perceptions and changes in operational procedures."  

Those are changes Harrison County Sheriff George Payne says Dr. Cabana has already recommended as their consultant, and will now personally implement as warden.  

"I'm just pleased," says Payne. "We've got an expert in corrections not only in this county but internationally to run the Harrison County Jail, and make whatever changes he deems necessary."

One big change Cabana says will begin with public perception and confidence.  

"Everybody on this staff recognizes the tragedy of what happened in the Jessie Williams incident and my job is to make sure we move ahead and correct what needs correcting, we learn how to do better what we already do well, and we find whatever ways are necessary to restore public confidence in this facility."

And Cabana says that means strict adherence to rules, policies, and procedures of conduct for deputies on duty at the jail.  

"When you have employees that don't, we will deal with it, and we will deal with it forthrightly."

A code of conduct that in the end will better guarantee the safety and security of both guards and prisoners.  

"There's tremendous promise here. This institution has the ability to become a national model."

by Don Culpepper 

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