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Speed Limit Raised On Gautier-Vancleave Road

"A lot of people have lost their lives on this very road," Jackson County resident Pernecia Collins says.

"I do not think people are concentrating on their driving," Jackson County resident Wanda Clark says.

Collins and Clark have taken Gautier-Vancleave Road to work everyday for years. The say speeding has long been a problem.

"As you are standing here you see people coming by so fast that if someone did try to stop they would hit right into them," Collins says.

Despite the accidents they've seen, both Clark and Collins were glad to learn the speed limit was increasing from 40 to 50 miles per hour.

Higher speed for safety may sound odd, but Sheriff Mike Byrd says the 40 limit caused traffic troubles.

"A lot times we see people who are doing the speed limit, they would have other people stack up behind them and pass doing high speeds. So, that was a problem," Sheriff Byrd says.

Byrd believes allowing all drivers to go 50 miles per hour will keep traffic moving at a steady pace and cut down on accidents.

"They should be more cautious, the ones we are worried about are doing 70 and 80 passing people on yellow lines and driving careless and reckless," Byrd says.

Terri and Walter Dunn agree with anything that makes Gautier-Vancelave Road safer.

"There has been quite a few accidents on this road. I don't know how many, but it has been quite a few," Jackson County resident Walter Dunn says.

"People die from thoughtlessness and it's really important to be careful. You can't take it back when it happens," resident Terri Dunn says.

Sheriff Bryd says his deputies will enforce the new speed limit and he hopes their presence will remind drivers to drive safely.

Since January, Sheriff Byrd says there have been 13 accidents on Gautier-Vancleave Road.

This week Jackson County deputies have issued nine citations in the area for speeding, reckless driving, and improper passing violation.

By Patrice Clark

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