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Elderly Amputee Needs Home Repair Help

A cramped FEMA trailer "out back" is Rosetta King's temporary home.

"I didn't realize it was this small. And the nurses can't even get to me," said the frail elderly woman.

Hurricane Katrina made King's small wood frame home of 18 years unlivable. More than anything, she'd like at least part of it back.

"I don't want the whole big old house. If I could just get me a bedroom and bathroom or something, I'd be happy. Cause this trailer's not going to work," she said.

"All this right here, it was just so old it just rotted, you know," said King's son and caregiver, Steven Henry, who witnessed the storm rip apart his mother's house.

"I was in here by myself. Yeah, over on the other side.  Man, it was blowing," he said, recalling the storm's fury as it tore apart the small home on 20th Street.

"I was looking out the window. I seen a tree fell. My next door neighbor's screen door flew off," said Henry.

As if the damage wasn't bad enough, more bad news followed just months later.

"Both my legs got amputated in April of this year," said King.

Despite the difficulties, King is trying to make the best of her situation, and hoping for some help.

"That I can go back up in that old house, if it's nothing but one bedroom or something," she said.

The old house has weathered many a storm over the past decades, including Hurricane Camille in 1969. But as so many people have said in the past year, Camille was no Katrina.

Rosetta King is thankful for the FEMA trailer, but looking for a chance to return home.

"I wish I could get back into my old house. But if I can't, I'll get wherever I can," she said.

If you can help Rosetta King, you can reach her at (228) 864-0741.

By Steve Phillips

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