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Moss Point Pep Rally

Moss Point students are ringing in a new school year. Students, parents, teachers and friends all came together to show their excitement for the new year at this back to school rally Saturday afternoon.

Junior high cheerleader Mariah Wells says, "It's time to buckle down, but we need to have a little fun first."

"This is a time for fun, food, and fellowship," Moss Point Communications Director Myya Robinson says. "So we provide free food, door prizes, games, and all kinds of activities for the kids to enjoy as well as the parents. So it's really a fun event as well."

Although today's event appears to be just about fun and games, these students are very serious about their studies as well.

"Reading is very important because you're going to need it when you get older. I read books everyday before I go to school and I like reading in my classes," Chanteria Colbia says.

Excitement like that is welcome news to principals and teachers looking to build the success of previous years. Orange Lake Elementary reached level five excellence last year, a first for Moss Point. This is an achievement officials hope all schools in the district will reach this year.

"I'm really excited about us trying to achieve that level five school year, and really just a high energy school year. On every level, academically, socially, on every level," Robinson says.

With all the smiles and laughter, you would never guess that nearly a year ago, these students lost homes, schools, and more due to Hurricane Katrina. For junior Vicki Graham, that's just a distant memory.

"The Hurricane is the last thing on my mind right now," Graham says.

So, the students of Moss Point Schools will continue to march forward as they begin a new year, with new goals.

By Keli Rabon

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