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Local Airport Security Beefed Up; Passengers Say "Better Safe Than Sorry"

Unlike America's larger airports, people taking off and landing at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport say they didn't encounter that much trouble or any major disruption to their travel plans.

No long lines, no frustrated passengers, no flight delays - just the same question Transportation Safety Agents asked over and over.

"Do you have any liquids in your carry-on bags?" one security person asked.

"No, took all of that out," the woman replied. 

So this lady got the go-ahead to move on.

But Barbara Alexander had to give up the liquid soap she had stashed in her purse. She says that was okay.

"I think it's good that we can't take anything on cause you don't know what a person might have, ya know. I think it's good, I'm happy. I'd rather be safe than sorry," Alexander said.  

So would Sally Boulay of Long Beach. She says the terrorist threat in Britain is a little unsettling.

"I can't go and make my visit and feel at ease like I could prior to this. I mean it's very disturbing."

Security officers say some people tossed their personal items rather than check them in. But this man's deoderant passed the test Robert Taylor says arriving at the Gulfport airport was a welcome relief after a lot of confusion in Atlanta.

"We didn't check the news this morning and luckily we got there early and it was over two hours in line from walking into the door, dropping our bags off to getting to the gate. I think people are just very surprised. That's the word I used this morning. Not many of us turned on the TV at 5:00 before we got up and out, but they were fairly in good spirits considering the long wait," Robert Taylor said.

Other passengers say no one should mind waiting if it means safer flying.

"I'm military. I'm active duty, so I undersand all the precautions we have to take. I'd rather be safe than sorry and if I have to wait an extra few minutes I'm okay. They're doing their job," Angela Green said.

by Marcia Hill

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